It only takes a few steps to get you started with Kindaba. 

Watch the video or read below to get started.

(Video watchers: We're big fans of overdramatic music, apologies)

Step 1. Go to It should look like this:

This is the Kindaba Sign-up form! Enter your information in the spaces provided, and take some time to review our privacy policy, and then press 'Create a new household'

Step 2. Add your family members!
In the next screen, you can start adding your family. Adding your family at this stage means that they will get invitations as soon as you log in for the first time - it's a great way to get everyone on at once.

You'll see two types of people you can add. The first section is about those who live with you. These might be children, a partner or spouse, or anyone else that shares your home. The second section is about your followers. Followers are anyone else you want to share things with. Examples include cousins, grandparents, close friends, etc.

If you have more than two members you want to invite, if you press 'Add another' it will add another box.

That's looking good! ready to press 'Invite my family".

Step 3. Download Kindaba on iOS or Download Kindaba on Android

Step 4. Open Kindaba

Here’s what you should see

Type in the email you used to create your account in the box and press 'continue'.

Step 3. Confirm your email address

After tapping ‘Continue’ you’ll receive an email from Kindaba. Make sure to tap the button that says ‘Sign In’ and then ‘open’ in the ‘Open in Kindaba’ browser screen to continue your setup.

If you created your account already, skip to step 8. If you are logging in after getting an invitation, continue.

Step 5. Confirm that you’re setting up your account.

If you made a mistake and want to join an existing household, please let us know.

Step 6. Enter your details

Kindaba gets to know you to help personalise your experience. After filling out these details, scroll down and tap ‘Continue’. 

Step 7. Read and acknowledge our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This is important! We care deeply about protecting your privacy and ensuring all of our members understand what data we collect and how we use it. It also supports a safe environment by covering the conditions of your use of Kindaba. Read more about our guidelines here.

Step 8. You’re in! :)

After you tap ‘Continue’ You’ll get to explore Kindaba, invite your family, and get sharing!

Next: Let's invite more of your family to Kindaba.

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